[rescue] OpenSSH vulnerability (patched again, remote restart)

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Sep 17 13:55:49 CDT 2003

In message <20030917141314.584d7f0c.kevin at mpcf.com>
	so spake Kevin (kevin):

> This brings me to a question, how can i restart sshd
> remotely without rebooting the machine?  A HUP signal
> only seems to restart the version that is already
> running?

A SIGHUP will cause sshd to re-exec itself as long as it was
started with a full path.  E.g., /usr/sbin/sshd, not just sshd.

Also note that killing the master sshd does not affect the children
(current connections) so it is safe to kill the master while logged
in via ssh, move the old binary out of the way or unlink it, then
copy in the new binary and start it.  Of course, you should test
that you can connect before logging out ;-)

 - todd

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