[rescue] help with mta & mua

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Wed Sep 17 13:00:40 CDT 2003

See below ...

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> If your setup is anything like mine (and probably most routers), you can
> not connect from the inside to your outside addresses and be NAT'ed back
> into your network.
> You need different IP address lookups from inside your network for the
> name you are using (which is probably resolving to your outside address).
> I use entries in my hosts file (on Solaris) for this purpose as I don't
> run my own DNS server at home.
> -- Curt
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> >Subject: [rescue] help with mta & mua
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> >Can anyone hazard a guess as to why I can get through to my mta
> (postfix) via
> >pop, imap, and squirrel mail, but only from outside my
> firewall? Inside the
> >firewall I can only access the webmail. everything  's NATed in
> the house, and
> >the router/ gateway forwards  mail traffic to the box running posifix.
> >
> >I just get timeouts from OS X's  mail application.

What's the name of the mailserver in the OS X MUA setup?

It probably should just be the name of the MTA box, but _not_ fully
qualified, and that name has to be in the /etc/hosts file (or equivalent) on
the OX S box.


	OS X MUA set up for mailhost "grumble" (not grumble.foo.bar)
	OS X /etc/hosts has " grumble" or some such

You can probably also just put grumble's IP address in the host slot in the

I run that same sort of setup here, albeit with Windows and Unix clients, no


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