[rescue] IRIX 5.3 CD questions

Gerhard Lenerz mail at g-lenerz.de
Wed Sep 17 02:38:39 CDT 2003

Hello Kevin,

Wednesday, September 17, 2003, 4:59:39 AM, you wrote:

> I'm interested in what the oldest version of IRIX an
> R4000 Indigo will run... should anyone have that
> information.

  if I didn't make a mistake looking that up previously it should be
  4.0.5E. Quite common was 4.0.5F (for Indigo + RE systems).

  I can't remember the details right now, but I think there was a
  problem with larger memory configurations in at least one of the
  older 4.0.5? releases (something about not being able to use more
  than 96 or 128MB RAM).


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