[rescue] fibre channel question

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue Sep 16 05:49:26 CDT 2003


I am thinking about putting a beefy disk in my ultra5. This seems like a nice


I have searched the web voor newbie docs about fibre channel stuff but I can't
figure out what kind of a controller I need for this thing.

>From the manual I read:

Table 4:      Link services supported
 Type of frame                          Link service
 Basic link service frames              Abort Sequence (ABTS)
 Basic link service reply frames        Basic_Accept (BA_ACC)
                                        Basic_Reject (BA_RJT)
 Extended link service frames           N_Port Login (PLOGI)
                                        Fabric Login (FLOGI)
                                        Logout (LOGO)
                                        Process Login (PRLI)
                                        Process Logout (PRLO)
                                        Read Link Status (RLS)
                                        Fabric Address Notification (FAN)
                                        Port Discovery (PDISC)
                                        Address Discovery (ADISC)
                                        Third-party Process Logout (TRPLO)
 Extended link service reply frames     Accept (ACC)
                                        Link Service Reject (LS_RJT)
 Fibre Channel Services                 Register FC-4 Types (RFT_ID)

Table 13:    FC-AL options supported
 Option                      Supported
 OPEN Half Duplex            Accepted from another device.
 OPEN Full Duplex            Sent to open another device.
                             Accepted from another device.
 Private Loop                Yes
 Public Loop                 Yes
 Old Port State              No
 Loop Position               Yes
 Loop Position Report        Yes

I have little to no clue what it all means, so the question is: what kind of a
controller do I need for this hard disk :)

Thanks in advance. Also, if someone has something to read about putting fibre
channel stuff together, let me know.

Frank Van Damme

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