[rescue] Installing SunOS 4.1.4?

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Tue Sep 16 01:54:20 CDT 2003

Al Potter wrote:

> In any case, set the prom to "new" mode (type "n", now the prompt should be 
> "ok") and type "boot cdrom".
> Otherwise, if you prom is older than dirt, the mystical boot-fu is (from 
> memory) b sd(0,6,1)  ALTERNATELY b sd(0,30,1)

Note that there is a big difference between the two. "boot cdrom" issues a
SCSI-II modes set command that allows many non Sun drives to boot properly,
"boot sd(....)" does not.

For "boot sd...) to work the drive must be set to 512 byte sectors. For
"boot cdrom" a standard Toshiba, most Plextors and Sony's and Apple CD-300
(Sony inside), but not the CD-300+ (Panasonic inside) drives will work without
changing jumpers, etc. AFIK NEC ones do not. 

Make sure the drive is set to SCSI ID 6.

> My most sage advice:  Boot first with a solaris cd (2.4 or later) and 
> progress through the install past the point where you have layed out the 
> partitions, then abort and start over with SunOS.  Solaris is MUCH better at 
> figuring out disc geometry than SunOS, and if you have an other-than-stock 
> disk (and there is NO reason to restrict yourself to one), you will REALLY 
> appreciate solaris being able to just figure the disk out.

You can get a "format.dat" file for SunOs with almost every drive made
and use it. However, it's a lot easier to do with Solaris. If you have 
a running SunOs system then the format.dat way is fine, but if you don't,
use Solaris.


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