[rescue] Installing SunOS 4.1.4?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Sep 15 22:50:50 CDT 2003

>From: Al Potter
>> I have a cdrom of 4.1.4 and a good cdrom drive but my google-fu is
>> coming up insufficent to find a boot string for the installer. Any
>> hints, tips, suggestions, or URL's any of you would think usefull? I
>> have already dumped a big pile of patches.
>The answers are in the FEH, assgropper......, ah, er, grasshopper.
>In any case, set the prom to "new" mode (type "n", now the prompt should be 
>"ok") and type "boot cdrom".
>Otherwise, if you prom is older than dirt, the mystical boot-fu is (from 
>memory) b sd(0,6,1)  ALTERNATELY b sd(0,30,1)

I belive for an IPX in old mode it would be 0,6,1... As I recall the
only boxes I ever saw 0,30,X was on sun4 VME based boxes.

>You might have to play with the "6" and "1" to suit your prom version and 
>arch. My most oldest FEH is sadly at the office.
>My most sage advice:  Boot first with a solaris cd (2.4 or later) and 
>progress through the install past the point where you have layed out the 
>partitions, then abort and start over with SunOS.  Solaris is MUCH better at 
>figuring out disc geometry than SunOS, and if you have an other-than-stock 
>disk (and there is NO reason to restrict yourself to one), you will REALLY 
>appreciate solaris being able to just figure the disk out.

What a good idea.... SunOS 4.X (and I assume all SunOS that came before it)
really made you do a work/math to lay out a disk.... and if your drive wasn't
a Sun drive there was always the format.dat thing... hand dropping that into
format.dat with ed (as I recall) was never fun either...

Sad part of it is that I never though of using Solaris to lay out a SunOS
4.X disk.... good idea !

-- Curt

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