[rescue] cleaning the closet, old rs6000 looking for new home

Daniel Johannsson djohanns at northwestern.edu
Mon Sep 15 21:37:00 CDT 2003

I've been cleaning my big closet tonight, and this item needs a new home,
or it will be sent to the dump.  Pickup only (because I'm shipping lazy)
in the Chicago area, zip 60202.

These specs are from memory, as the system hasn't been booted in a while,
but seemed functional at last check.  I think it should be able to run aix
4.3.  The system is about the same size as a Sun pizzabox system.  This
thing was able to boot from an external Sun/Toshiba 1x cdrom.

IBM RS6000 7011-250
PPC 601 66mhz
64mb ram
1gb disk
No video
AUI Ethernet
2.88mb floppy
External serial breakout box with 8 ports
Has key in the front lock.

If you want it, send me an email.


Dan Johannsson
djohanns at northwestern.edu

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