[rescue] Putting an E3000 out to pasture or finding asupport vendor.

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Mon Sep 15 15:40:23 CDT 2003

Kevin Loch wrote:
> It is very supportable.
   Yeah, but not by _me_ (with total confidence): I can swap in a failed
component if it croaks, but I'm leery of having two rooms full of students and
the VP calling my cell phone while I stare at a quiet, dark chassis because
some weird harmonic convergence of firmware and tides and drive sizes keep my
server's head under water.
> Support contracts make sense when the box is new and spare parts
> are outrageously expensive. At this point paying a third party just
> to mark up the inexpensive spares would be a big mistake.
   There's a lot of truth in that, I admit. I will be certain to make this
point when I lay the facts out for the Boss Man to ponder.
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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