[rescue] Putting an E3000 out to pasture or finding a supportvendor.

Neil Verkland Neilv at i-gen.com
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	I'd take a completely different approach. If you're looking for
architecture support and your happy with Sun, I'd encourage you to
invest in one of their X86 based solutions. Solaris on X86 is decently
implemented and the hardware arch is cheap, supported and isn't going to
go away. (Well then again the 64bit systems are just around the corner
from Intel ...)
	If you're the only Sun guy in a Windows world; this option may
tickle the fancies of your superiors. This way, they would certainly
have the option to consider MicroSHAFT upgrades down the road.

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Good afternoon;
   I am the lone Sun guy in a Windows world, and I need some feedback on
dealing with an older system. So can anyone suggest companies offering
contract support for a single Sun system other than Sun, or can they
feedback on the idea of swapping in a new cheap server for an older,
one? I don't have a lot of data center experience; I recognize that the
is still doing its job, but I'm leery of counting on it when it's not
   First off, I should say that at my job, they are big believers in
contracts. That said, we have an E3000 with a Sparc Storage Array that
won't touch any more: the SSA hit the magic 5-years-after-last-sale line
July of 2003, and the E3000 will hit it in the summer of 2004. Already
won't touch a contract for the SSA, so I'm looking for alternatives
because we
rely on this system as our database server for training folks -- and
rolling out a new, big system at New Year's. Also, I don't feel
confident in
supporting this little guy since it's the only one of its kind here, and
don't have another E3000 to cannibalize for its support or to swap into
   One alternative is to find an vendor who'll sell us parts & support,
that's mortgaging the future since this is our only E3000. Another
is to swap in a newer, thinner server, like the V100 that was our
server for a long time, and use the E3000 for other stuff like a
server or something.
   Can anyone make general observations about which alternative is
(And no, I can't simply box up the E3000 and ship it to you. If that was
option, it'd be in my basement, keepin' the house warm, and I'd be
helping to
give away our slumbering Sequent.)
   Thanks in advance.
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