[rescue] Big Honkin' Drives

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Sun Sep 14 18:55:59 CDT 2003

camonett at speakeasy.net said:
> >OK, I picked up a couple of drives on ebay, they're 23 GB SCSI sCa
> full >-height drives.

<schnipp>-----   Happy Bill?

So, after pondering this very question for a while, I think there are a 
couple of answers, depending on your rescue-purity(tm).

	- Grab an old storage ped.  These look like 4/x70 chassis, but hold		disk 
trays instead of VME cards.  Get REAL lucky and find one wired for
	wide discs

	- Generic 19" storage trays, hold 4 discs.  Trouble anymore with this
	and last option is finding one.

	- Old CD towers.  Generally have LOTS of capacity and PS, particulary
	older ones for older (more power hungry) CDs.  Will need to be re-wired
	for wide.  Bonus: some have a PC board inside to host scsi controllers
	and put the whole mess on the network.  Upgrade this, install fav OS, 
	hang discs on the net, not another box.

	- Old PC case.  Cheap.  U-ger-ly.  Functional.  Will need wiring, but 
	can do the Bonux trick from above.

	- Erector set + PC power supply.  Extremely high "hack value",
	functional, will need wiring and will look like hell.  

Hope this helps.


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