[rescue] IBM PS/2 9595 and token ring

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Sat Sep 13 19:19:35 CDT 2003

>>Why did I do this? I guess I can hook up the 6611 token ring router I
>>have if I can find a cable/adapter for the small 20-pin (?) token ring
>>connectors on the card. Anyone know anything about these small TR
>>connectors?? Like what they're called so I know what to search for if I
>>have to buy something on eBay??
> Unless someone responds by then, I can try to get part numbers or something 
> for you on Monday -- we have a couple 6611's shelved at work, some with ether 
> but all with one or two token adapters.  
Thanks, Eric. I pulled the board. It's a "6611 A25 I/O Adapter Model 
12x". It has three ports: CT0 is a DB9 (correct letters for nine pins?), 
and CT1 & CT2 are slightly narrower and slightly longer than the DB9, 
and have 26 pins each.

There are a bunch of other numbers, but I don't see anything introduced 
with FRU. None of the numbers show up in Google searches, either.

Mostly, I am looking for the term for the two 26-pin connectors on this 
card, or for an adapter or cable to connect them to a token setup.

Any ideas?


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