[rescue] SGI O2 Rescue

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sat Sep 13 17:31:29 CDT 2003

On Saturday, September 13, 2003, at 06:28 PM, Brian Dunbar wrote:
>> Actually we should ask whether you just have RCA jacks on the side of
>> the machine or S-Video inputs as well.  If S-Video, you have the nicer
>> more featureful AV module.
> No S-Video inputs.
> Sill, they're pretty nice machines.  Everyone else in the house is 
> impressed
> as well, kids and wife alike.  I'm going to have to fight to keep them 
> on my
> desk .....

   You'll have to fight to keep your wife & kids on your desk? ;)


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