[rescue] IBM PS/2 9595 and token ring

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Sat Sep 13 14:06:51 CDT 2003

So, I couldn't get the DEC MCA ethernet card to work in this nice IBM 
PS/2 machine I have. It only has a token ring card.

I decided that the thing to do was to set up a token ring network. I put 
a fourth NIC (TR) in my router, spent $17 on cables, talked a friend of 
mine into giving me a spare IBM 8228 MAU, and wired it up today.

After configuring the interfaces and downing and restarting the router 
one, it works. Cool.

Why did I do this? I guess I can hook up the 6611 token ring router I 
have if I can find a cable/adapter for the small 20-pin (?) token ring 
connectors on the card. Anyone know anything about these small TR 
connectors?? Like what they're called so I know what to search for if I 
have to buy something on eBay??

Somehow I was unable to convey any of my excitement over having token 
ring working to my wife... ;)


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