[rescue] Fast SGI machines + RS/6000s.

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 13 11:20:48 CDT 2003

--- roosmcd at dds.nl wrote:

> that bad; Hitechcafe supposedly also had some deals, but is shut down
> now. 

I did not know that... Oh - just checked, they are only shut down to
move, not out of business...

> ps. Those of you still looking for RS/6000 thinkpads (everyone?),
> take a look at eBay NOW. When I looked yesterday, there were 4 of
> these machines for sale, including a Thinkpad 850 and 860.

Are they gone? I couldn't find them, but didn't look that hard...


"I am not into examining other peoples' dumps..." - Sheldon T. Hall

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