[rescue] Fast SGI machines + RS/6000s.

roosmcd at dds.nl roosmcd at dds.nl
Sat Sep 13 03:20:58 CDT 2003


 I finally have a SGI machine with a decent clockspeed :). Yesterday I picked 
up three barebone SGI 320 machines, so technically until I find some processors 
this isn't entirely true, but of course I'm going for dual 1GHz PIII or 1.4GHz 
Celeron. Does anybody have parts for these machines or know a good place to get 
them? I've been able to find the special memory at $150 per 512Mb which isn't 
that bad; Hitechcafe supposedly also had some deals, but is shut down now. The 
things I'm looking for a processors (6x, PIII, 100MHz FSB), VRM (3x), memory (3-
6x) and drive rails. 

 A day earlier a 43p-140 with 332MHz processor arrived mysteriously at my door, 
now that is a nice machine :). There is a gxt800p inside, which can be 
optionally fitted with texture memory, which I don't have :(. Does anyone know 
how expensive this stuff is? Same category as Octane trams? I didn't see any on 
eBay, so I fear texture memory will be too expensive... 


ps. Those of you still looking for RS/6000 thinkpads (everyone?), take a look 
at eBay NOW. When I looked yesterday, there were 4 of these machines for sale, 
including a Thinkpad 850 and 860.

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