[rescue] best OS for SPARCserver 10

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Fri Sep 12 01:37:16 CDT 2003

> > I've got a SPARCserver 10.
> > 128MB ram.
> > 2x 1.8GB HD.  I'll probably upgrade one of them to a 10GB.  Possibly
> > upgrade both.
> Be careful that you don't overheat the system.  Unless you have a later
> run of the SS10, there is -no- cooling can there.  Sun finally hacked
> one in there because machines were getting too hot.  Two hot drives will
> spell meltdown.  Don't even think about 10KRPM drives.

That was the SS20 that got the supplemental fan not the SS10. The biggest
issue was the way the two drives stacked on top of each other. Back when
'Cuda's were the stock drive, and boy did those old 'Cuda's get warm, you
would end up with fried fish.

Mike N

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