[rescue] best OS for SPARCserver 10

simeon johnston simeonuj at eetc.com
Thu Sep 11 22:35:58 CDT 2003

I've got a SPARCserver 10.
128MB ram.
2x 1.8GB HD.  I'll probably upgrade one of them to a 10GB.  Possibly 
upgrade both.
Video card (Don't know what kind it is) w/ 13w3->DB15 adapter.
I also have a few old Apple SCSI CDROM drives that should work great 
for booting it.  That or the built-in floppy.

I want to use it for a minimal Appletalk/Samba fileserver (5 users max 
at any given time.  1 user most of the time if that) as well as OpenAFP 
(just to test it out.  Play around a little).
FrontBase (SQL database).
Possibly CVS.
Some remote X stuff.
Burning CD's (If possible).
Playing some musice if I can find the adapter for the audio.  What is 
that connector?

This is a machine I traded Pete L. Wargo for a Quadra 840AV (where is 
he anyway?  Haven't seen him for a LONG time).
I wanted to load Solaris on it since it should handle all of the above 
nicely.  I thought that you could download the OS free from Sun (at 
least a version of it) but couldn't really find anything on there sight 
(I was very confused with the download section).
It's currently running Debian quite well, but I have enough Linux boxes 
at work to admin.  I want to try something different.  Maybe a *BSD.
I also found a box for Solaris Server 2.5.1.  It's pretty old.  I think 
it came with the other Sparc 10 at work.  That or the Sparc 5 (both 
from Marner.  Not Sun cases.  There pretty ugly).  I'd rather have 
something newer.


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