[rescue] spam WPOISON

sammy ominsky s at avoidant.org
Tue Sep 9 09:53:49 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, September 9, 2003, at 10:38 AM, Phil Stracchino wrote:

> I don't know if there's any point to running more than one on a site.
> This one looks reasonably valid too.  I concur with the argument that
> WPOISON's author has missed the point -- the logo and link requirements
> are like a big neon sign saying "Don't spider this site, it's 
> poisoned."

Hmmm, just heard back from my friend at armchair. His is a tweaked 
version of wpoison from the days it was written in C. He's got the 
source, and there's no mention in the license from those days of logos 
or anything whacky like the current one. One would assume that using 
this source only obligates one to the license included therein.




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