[rescue] Was WPOISON, language debate

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Mon Sep 8 22:18:11 CDT 2003

On Monday, September 8, 2003, at 06:25 PM, Al Potter wrote:
> Seems like the "which language is faster" debate here is missing (some 
> of)
> the point of this particular app:
> 	It's SUPPOSED to be slow, for the spammer.  Having it be efficient 
> for the
> host is also a good thing.  These two are typically mot in the same 
> set of
> design constraints.

   Yes...but in that case, I'd much rather it be sitting in a sleep() 
than spinning away executing an interpreter for a bloated language.  
One consumes cycles (and consumes power, and generates heat) and the 
other does not.


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