[rescue] Closet cleaning IV

James Birdsall jwbirdsa at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 8 16:37:01 CDT 2003

More stuff for sale, giveaway, or trade. I'm looking for Apex/Avocent
ELC-11ST, ELC-12KM, Aten CV-130, CV-160, or any other boxes which convert
Sun or Mac keyboard/video/mouse to PS/2 and VGA. Also looking for a battery
for a Thinkpad 600E and a Compaq Systempro memory expansion board

=== Free for shipping:

* very long (~25 feet) 60-conductor twisted pair ribbon cable with header

* long (~4 feet) SCSI ribbon, DD50F ends, 4 header connectors

* SCSI ribbon, DD50F ends, 3 header connectors

* two PCMCIA slots in 3.5" bay with ISA adapter (VADEM-based), working pull

* VAX Hardware Handbook 1982-83 (covers lots and lots of hardware details of
11/730, 11/750, 11/780, and 11/782)

* long (~8 feet) 26-conductor ribbon with header connectors

* five DD50M SCSI terminators

* DD50M SCSI terminator with LED

* Microchannel VGA card, IBM FRU 87F4774

* Compaq ISA ESDI/floppy controller with external DB44 connector, P/N
001474-001 (apparently originally for Deskpro 386)

* Sun type 3 optical mouse pad

* 13W3 female (same gender as found on my cgsix card) to VGA male adapter

* Lantronix ETS16UF terminal server, 16 RJ11 serial ports and AUI port, last
known to have lost its little brain but may be reflashable, comes with ten
RJ11 cables and nine RJ11-DB25M adapters

* ten CentreCOM MX26F 10baseFL mini-transceivers (will be tested before

* four Synoptics 504A 10baseFL transceivers, need AUI cable to connect (will
be tested before shipping)

* four LattisNet 504-ST 10baseFL transceivers, need AUI cable to connect
(will be tested before shipping)

* IBM 41H7020 3-port 10baseFL card for 8271-216 and 8271-108 switches, with
manual and microcode floppy. Worked fine in my -108 but doesn't in my -216
even though the firmware version says it should.

===Priced as marked:

* Boca BB2016 16-port serial card with cable, breakout box, seven RJ to
DB25M cables, manual -- I think I have original floppies too. $5

* eleven SC-SC duplex fiber cables 62.5/125, 6-10ish feet, $1 each

* Siecor SC-SC fiber bundle 62.5/125, 6-ish feet, 24 fibers in bundle, $5

* SC-SC duplex fiber cable 62.5/125, 20 feet, $3

* three long MIC-MIC FDDI fiber cables 62.5/125, $2 each

* Konexx Koupler, acoustic coupler for 14.4 and 28.8 modems, $5

* NEC Multisync XV15 monitor, 15", working pull, $10 LOCAL (SEATTLE) PICKUP

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