[rescue] If one person could do it, maybe we could do this

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at celestrion.celestrion.net
Mon Sep 8 12:53:35 CDT 2003

On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 01:42:52PM -0400, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Monday, September 8, 2003, at 12:07 PM, Eric Dittman wrote:
> >Now, new versions of some classic minis and mainframes would be nice, 
> >too.
> >There are new versions of the PDP-8, and someone is working on a 
> >PDP-10.  I
> >would also like to see a freely available FPGA version of a PDP-11 and 
> >a
> >VAX.
>   I've been thinking about this for a while too.  A PDP11 might be 
> doable, but a VAX would be a very large effort.  I'd love to see it 
> done.  I'm learning VHDL now...the more I learn, the more I realize 
> just how big a job doing a VAX implementation would be!

Yeah, I'd imagine that Vax would be just about the hardest there was,
except perhaps P4.

I wish I had the time to learn Verilog and start work on a parallel lisp
processor (if they can do 40 forth cores in one chip, why not 10 lisp
cores?), or really all sorts of other specialty processors.

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