[rescue] Power

Kay sunfriek at ussonet.net
Mon Sep 8 02:31:37 CDT 2003

i have a 100amp feed to my office computer room with a breaker panel running
220V and break it out from there .. have 2 - 30amp 220V breakers for my
SC2000's and a pile of 20 amp 110V breakers for the rest of the office .. if
i had to do it again , i would have gone with a 200amp service but the house
is only fed with a 200 amp main so i would have to replace the main box with
a bigger box and bigger main.. and wire.. OUCH that would be expensive...
the price for the 200amp wire to the house was expensive enough 2 years

sorry for the late reply
> If anyone has run new power lines for their home computer room, what did
> you have run, and would you change your choice now that you've had it run
> for a while?

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