[rescue] Solaris as a gateway router

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Sep 6 01:18:27 CDT 2003

Assuming you have all the ethernet ports configured correctly in
Solaris, and assuming they are all good... check your netmasks,
disable ipfilter and retest to make sure it doesn't have to do
with the ipfilter rules.

Depending on the subnets you are using, if your using multiple 10.X
subnets and you don't set the netmask, Solaris will assign
as the netmask.  Check your netstat -r output to see where different
stuff will go, check your netmasks with ifconfig.

Depending on your network config as well, keep in mind that Solaris will
use the same mac address for all ethernet interfaces.  Depending on how
your network is arranged (multiple ethernet ports on the same segment)
this will possibly make things unhappy as well.  If this is a problem
with your network, change the mac address with ifconfig for those

-- Curt

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>Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 02:02:28 -0400
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>Subject: [rescue] Solaris as a gateway router
>I have a cpci based sun box, CP1500-360, with 128mb ram and a pair of 4 port
>cpci Ethernet cards, it's one of two system I got a few months ago, the case
>is made by marathon. I'm trying to set it up as a gateway/router using
>Solaris 9. I have the machine fairly well locked down and have ipfilter
>installed, Solaris is set up so it will forward the connection and I know
>ipfilter is working. For some reason the machine will not respond to any
>Ethernet adapter other than the built in hme0, the other adapters show link
>and activity if I try to ping them and such. the machine will not generate
>any activity it's self on the ports either, just on hme0, this is the same
>for the other similar machine I have(it has more ram and only one 4 port
>card) both machine's are running Solaris 9, installed from the same boot
>is there any thing obvious or not so obvious that I may have missed to make
>this work? I have been playing with it for quite some time now and I'm
>running out of things to try. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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