[rescue] offtopic: laserdisc players

Chad Fernandez fernande at internet1.net
Fri Sep 5 10:12:43 CDT 2003

Steven Hill wrote:
> Pioneer Laser Disk (model eludes me) But it plays pretty much everything.
> I have heard good things about them, but I don't know what they cost /
> where they can be found.

This is just going by looking at Ebay auction, but it seems to me that 
the two big players in laserdisc were Pioneer and Sony.  They make up 
most of the LD auctions, and the Marantz LD players I have seen look 
like rebadged Pioneers.

Is Pioneer, "Pioneer" in Japan, or is that strictly a trade name for 
export?  Sort of like Panasonic is really Matsushita-Kotobuki?

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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