[rescue] offtopic: laserdisc players

Chad Fernandez fernande at internet1.net
Fri Sep 5 09:51:00 CDT 2003


You'll probably want a player that doesn't need the disk flipped 
manually.  Also, I'd look for one that will also play audio cd's if not 
DVD's,.... also s-video out.

I'd look on Ebay if I were you.  I found mine at GoodWill, although, 
they are rare as hens teeth, it seems.  Mine is a Pioneer CLD-D504.  It 
"flips" the discs, plays audio cd's, has a nice remote, and a has a 
S-video out.  I believe it is a 95ish model.  Since it doesn't do DVD's 
the price should be relatively cheap on Ebay.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Bill Bradford wrote:
> I'm looking for a decent laserdisc player to hook up to my new
> TV being delivered today [0].  Suggestions for a cheap, dependable
> used unit?
> Bill
> [0] Hitachi 51G500 51" rear-projection HDTV

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