[rescue] Apple Newton

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Thu Sep 4 23:47:17 CDT 2003

As I recall, 'Michael A. Turner' wrote:
> 	Spotted one of these criters on the shelf at a school I was working
> at monday. They now oh me a favor and I was thinking I could suggest that I
> take that item off there hands. Is there anything cool that one can do with
> a newton? Is there still sfotware support? It was in a leather type case
> with a cable or two, is there any parephials that I should check and make
> sure that are there if I do ask for it?

The newer the model, the more useful it will probably be.

How many PCMCIA slots does it have?

1:  OMP/100, 110, 120, 130
2:  2000, 2100

I still own at least one of every model above except the 110.  I
used to use my (then state of the art) 100's as portable terminals 
to configure routers and terminal servers since all newton models 
have serial ports.  It beat carrying around a laptop.

The 2x00 series will take an ethernet card and is incredibly fast
and advanced even by today's PDA standards.  The handwriting 
recognition is unbelievable, and there's still a ton of software
available and even still being written.  Java was released for
the Newton by private developers 2 years after it was discontinued
by Apple.  There are web browsers, web servers, VNC clients and
servers, electronic books, games galore...

These things started the PDA craze but Apple shot themselves
in the foot as usual.


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