[rescue] Power

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Sep 3 01:37:13 CDT 2003

Al Potter wrote:

> Consider McGuire, who was paying for TMI on the monthly installment plan 
> when he lived up here.  It would have been sooo much simpler without (wait 
> for it...)

No, I was paying for it in monthly installments when I lived in Philly,

$.18 kwh + "fuel cost allowance" (up to about a total of $.25kwh in the

6 PC class computers, an AT&T 3b2/3?? and a few other things, a ham radio
station (3 hf transcivers, a large 2m/440 base station, 220 mobile) and
a second station in my bedroom (NRD 535D, Ten-Tec Triton IV digital 
(sorely missed), 2m mobile)

Stereo with Phase linear 400 amp. Freid Speakers.

All that remains here is the speakers, and one hf rig (kenwood ts-430) :-(

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