[rescue] Re: Power

James Rice jrice54 at charter.net
Tue Sep 2 21:22:46 CDT 2003

I don't run big iron, just a lot of little boxes.  When I built the 
house in 1999, I had four extra 20a 120v circuits installed in the 
office (computer room) area.  It wasn't enough.  My plan this winter is 
to pull a 100amp service from the panel in the garage (under my office) 
to the closet and set a sub-panel.  I'm changing floors this winter 
also, so while I can, I'm removing some of the sub-flooring and 
installing some extra circuits to various corners of the office.  The 
sub-panel will give me the capability of having 240v single phase, but I 
don't anticipate ever needing it.  I'd love to install a seperate A/C 
unit for the office, but that may be pushing the envelope with Ronda a bit.

Having said that I don't run big iron, I know someone who has a couple 
of deskside Onyx's  and a Crimson that may be available soon.  That may 
be more tempataion than I can resist.

>I'm going to have two additional power lines run to the computer room
>soon.  I was thinking of having two 120V 30A circuits, but I am starting
>to think one 120V and one 220V circuit might be better.  I have a lot of
>equipment that will run on either, but I think having a 220V circuit would
>be a good idea in case I want to run a VAX 6000 or 7000 since I wouldn't
>have to go to the trouble to rewire for 120V.
>If anyone has run new power lines for their home computer room, what did
>you have run, and would you change your choice now that you've had it run
>for a while


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