[rescue] FDDI concentrators, cables, cards?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Mon Sep 1 10:34:45 CDT 2003

On Monday, September 1, 2003, at 10:40 AM, Paul Weissmann wrote:
>>>>> Which is the preferred Cisco FDDI concentrator, the ws-c1100 or the
>>>>> ws-c1400?
>>>>  Definitely the 1400.
>>> Why?
>>   Well, don't get me wrong...the 1100 is a good concentrator, and it
>> works.  But the 1400 is several years newer and is much better-built.
> Could you elaborate?

   Well first, it's a Cisco, not a re-badged Crescendo. ;)

   The biggest issue is cooling.  The Crescendo boxes overheat badly.  
But another issue is general "solidness" of construction.  Not that the 
Crescendo boxes are badly built, but the 1400s are built *better* in my 

> I went shopping some weeks ago -
> 	Bought a 1400 for ~$15, which still lays at my relay to ship it
> to the old world since it is somewhat bulky and heavy.

   You've noever moved a supercomputer, have you. ;)

> Stumbled over an 1100 at eBay for $2 some weeks later.
> Liked it more since it looked smaller (and potentially less noisy and
> power-hungry) so I bought this also.

   It's quite a bit smaller (the 1400 is very deep front-to-back), but 
much noisier.

> So I'm waiting for the shipment of either of those, but I'm in favor
> of the 1100, because of the above mentioned points.

   The 1100 will do fine...just be mindful of the temperature, that's 


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