[rescue] FDDI concentrators, cables, cards?

Paul Weissmann paul at doorslam.net
Mon Sep 1 09:40:26 CDT 2003

Dave McGuire [mcguire at neurotica.com] wrote:
> On Monday, September 1, 2003, at 04:14 AM, Paul Weissmann wrote:
> >>>Which is the preferred Cisco FDDI concentrator, the ws-c1100 or the
> >>>ws-c1400?
> >>
> >>  Definitely the 1400.
> >
> >Why?
>   Well, don't get me wrong...the 1100 is a good concentrator, and it 
> works.  But the 1400 is several years newer and is much better-built.

Could you elaborate?

>   If you have an 1100, certainly don't throw it away to get a 
> 1400...but since both are cheap these days (as compared to the $20,000 
> price tag on the 1400 in 1997!), if you have neither and are shopping, 
> a 1400 is a better thing to grab in my opinion.

I went shopping some weeks ago -
	Bought a 1400 for ~$15, which still lays at my relay to ship it
to the old world since it is somewhat bulky and heavy.

Stumbled over an 1100 at eBay for $2 some weeks later.
Liked it more since it looked smaller (and potentially less noisy and
power-hungry) so I bought this also.

So I'm waiting for the shipment of either of those, but I'm in favor
of the 1100, because of the above mentioned points.

        - paul

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