[rescue] PS Wiring question...

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Fri Oct 31 14:20:47 CST 2003

This is a little OT, but since I'm doing it to build a poor man's SCSI 
chassis for
a Sun 3 (and maybe Sun 2...) I figured it was fair game....

I need to find pin out of the ATX standard plug from a power supply.  I did 
Googling, but haven't been able to find one that I trust.

I've got a old PC chassis that I'm setting up as box to hold two SCSI drive 
(initially two sets of two SCSI drives on a wire in a single box) with in 
and out for each in the back
area where the back edge of an expansion card would be for a  normal PC 
(yes, hacking a PC case to make it into a Sun usable box...my response to 
the case
moders...and it's part of my continuing SCSI upgrade...I've taken Dave's 
advise to heart 8-) )

That's all ok.  I got an old Dell power supply (which has a ATX plug) to 
power the drives
(it's from an old Dell server and has  plugs galore for drives...it's 
either a 350 or 400w
supply, so should be plenty for the 4 SCSI drives..) I got a ATX power 
supply tester to plug
into it to put the appropriate loads on the power supply and trigger the 
signals that ATX
power supplies need.  The problem is that the Dell PS doesn't seem to have 
with standard  ATX wiring (the tester goes dead on this PS, works on all 
the rest I've
tried it on)  The PS works ok (I got it to turn on by grounding the correct 
pin..which isn't
in the correct spot either .... I figure I can swap the pins around in the 
plastic adapter, once I know the
official ATX wiring (it's going to take some metering to figure out what's 
what on
the Dell PS ...no docs and Googling comes up pretty empty.... found one 
place that
would sell a replacement model, but that's it...


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