[rescue] Beige MAC G3 266 Mhz

James Denton buster at swt.edu
Thu Oct 30 20:38:52 CST 2003

>I've got a chance to get one of these for $40. Will it do OS X even
>semi-decently if fed enough memory? And speaking thereof, are the 168pin
>DIMMS from a 7600 compatible with it?



You may want to research this machine a little more. The Rev. A machines had
problems with more than one hard drive on the same bus (no slave support). I
can't recall if OS X overcame this limit though. The Rev. A machines also
had ATI RageII chipsets, for which no drivers exist in OS X. Their video
performance sucks.  The later machines have RagePro chipsets, and perform
much better.  You'd need to use at least 10.2.4 to see decent 2d
performance, otherwise email me and I'll send you a patch that enables
better performance on 10.1.x - 10.2.3.

As far as ram goes, you can use either PC66, PC100, or PC133 memory on these
machines. The 168-pin FPM DIMM's from the 7600 will not work.

If you feed this machine enough memory, and install the latest Jaguar
version, I think you'd be happy with its performance. A faster hard drive
will also help dramatically.  G4 upgrade cards for these machines are pretty
cheap as well.  $40 is not a bad price, especially if it's a mini-tower and
a Rev. B or later. If you'd like Panther on it, wait a few weeks and I'm
sure Ryan Rempel will have something figured out.


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