[rescue] booting onyx - only mouse pointer shows

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Thu Oct 30 10:49:26 CST 2003

Is the mouse moving when you move the mouse? I do not know for a fact
but are you sure you plugged into the correct video output. As far as I
remember the Onyx RE has 2 video channels? Maye your plugged into
the 2nd one.

On Oct 30, 2003, at 11:37 AM, Walter Belgers wrote:

> Hi,
> I just rescued an Onyx Reality Station (nice :)
> The system boots and I get a login prompt on tty1. However, all I get 
> on
> the monitor is a blank screen with a red mouse pointer. I have attached
> the correct keyboard. In fact, I was able to log in as guest on tty1,
> and after typing guest^Mguest on the keyboard, I noticed another guest
> being logged in via X. Still nothing but a red mouse pointer. Does this
> sound familiar to anybody? I use an SGI GDM-20E21 monitor. It's not the
> monitor cable.
> Cheers,
> Walter.
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