[rescue] AT&T 3b2's for rescue

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Oct 28 19:35:12 CST 2003

On 10/28/03 4:27 PM, "Geoffrey S. Mendelson" <gsm at mendelson.com> wrote:

> When I left Philly in 1996, I gave a friend my two AT&T 3b2 systems.

C'mon folks, don't let these things die. 3b2s are fun. Quirky, but fun.
Philly is too far away from Minnesota for me to go after them myself.

There is an obscure chance that I might have a set of 5 1/4 floppy media,
but if I'm remembering correctly, if they are 3b2/500's or better, they only
boot from tape.

Chance that I still have the media? < 10%

Chance that I'm wrong about the boot media? > 80%

It's been a long time since my 3b2/600 left.  .  .


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