[rescue] SS10 and SS20 bases or parts or etc

James james at jdfogg.com
Tue Oct 28 16:11:18 CST 2003

Where are these located?

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> Subject: [rescue] SS10 and SS20 bases or parts or etc
> Since there have been no takers on the SS10/SS20 bases I posted
> recently, these classic old boxes are getting closer to the dumpster....
> So, since nobody seems to be interested in bases/nearly complete systems
> is there anybody who needs a power supply, mainboard, SM41 processor,
> SM52 processor, 16MB SS10 memory modules, 16MB SS20 memory modules,
> sbus gx framebuffers, SS10 floppy drives, other cables/internal parts, 
> etc....
> I hate tossing a machine, but I have more of these than I am ever going
> to use, and I need to fetch what $ I can from them and scrap the 
> remainder.  I no longer have the time, space, patience, or desire to
> store this sort of thing.
> So... if anyone is interested in any of the parts or one of the
> bases as per my previous post (the SS10s have a single SM41 in them
> along with 128M of RAM, no drives, the SS20 has an SM52 module in
> it, and 96M of RAM (I think), both have single slot GX framebuffers),
> contact me ASAP.
> -- Curt
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