[rescue] SS10 and SS20 bases or parts or etc

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Oct 28 13:26:04 CST 2003

Since there have been no takers on the SS10/SS20 bases I posted
recently, these classic old boxes are getting closer to the dumpster....

So, since nobody seems to be interested in bases/nearly complete systems
is there anybody who needs a power supply, mainboard, SM41 processor,
SM52 processor, 16MB SS10 memory modules, 16MB SS20 memory modules,
sbus gx framebuffers, SS10 floppy drives, other cables/internal parts, 

I hate tossing a machine, but I have more of these than I am ever going
to use, and I need to fetch what $ I can from them and scrap the 
remainder.  I no longer have the time, space, patience, or desire to
store this sort of thing.

So... if anyone is interested in any of the parts or one of the
bases as per my previous post (the SS10s have a single SM41 in them
along with 128M of RAM, no drives, the SS20 has an SM52 module in
it, and 96M of RAM (I think), both have single slot GX framebuffers),
contact me ASAP.

-- Curt

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