[rescue] SOLVED - why is a blade1000 with elite3dm6 so slow?

Paolo Di Francesco paipai at tin.it
Mon Oct 27 10:41:30 CST 2003

Lionel Peterson wrote:

> --- Paolo Di Francesco <paipai at tin.it> wrote:
>>I surfed on google and the net, and I found an interesting tip:
>>install the media libs. Surprise! It improved a lot! ;)
> Paolo,
> I wonder, when are the "medial libs" installed? Is it part of a
> "complete" install? Was this box built from a complete install? Was the
> elite 3dm6 part of the original configuration, or added to the system
> later?
> Also, what is the full name of the package? I wonder what cards this
> media libs package supports/improves (like, an elite 3dm3 ;^)?
> Thanks for the info!

Well, the media libs are not improving the video card itself, but 
considering that most of 2D operations are done by the cpu due to lack 
of native hardware acceleration in the video board (this is my 
understading) the medialibs should help on most cpu.

In fact, media libs use native vis instructions, instead of generic 
instruction and that looks a nice improvement.

The box was installed from scratch, the video board was already 
installed (but that would not change much considering the media libs 
impacts only the cpu) so it sounded strange to me that they were not 
installed. So, as every good administrator I did

pkginfo | grep mlib

nothing found. So I found the link on the sun site and downloaded them. ;)

go and have fun at:


download the media libs 2.2.1

(cannot provide the direct link because you need to authenticate before 


Ciao Ciao

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