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> On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 09:27, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> > That said, I wish I had a head hunter involved in my current job
> > search

> Glad you like headhunters.... during my aprox 1 yr of unemployment
> (I'm almost employed... I'm told it's a sure thing by I'm trying
> not to count my "chickens"...) I have found them 100% useless.

Of course, exp. vary...

I used headhunters for "commodity" jobs (MVS/COBOL/IMS/DB2/CICS
Programmer Jobs) and for specialty jobs (Technical Support) and have
had good luck, but to be honest, I look the part:

 - Technical
 - Well-spoken
 - Technically Educated
 - Worked for "name" companies for ext. periods (2-3 years avg.)
 - Nice Suit
 - Tall White Male

It is a very tiny leap of faith that I'll fit in in most corp
environments in my exp.

> So.. I'll </soapbox> now.... I have yet to really here a story (from
> friends/associates) of a headhunter actually having done anything
> particularly good for anyone I know (at least during this economy).

My exp. w/headhunters is only as recent as 4 years ago, but I was never
in the dot.com world (but, it could probably be argued that I did
indirectly benefit, as a few of the opportunities I got were to back
fill from a person heading west to seek their fortune in silicon

> > I wish I had a headhunter involved, so they could drive me trhough
> the
> > process and make this happen, as it is, I am out of my element and
> not
> > sure how hard to push/encourage/remind them about my application...
> > 
> confidence.... do you know your abilities ?  Can you communicate well
> ?
> If your confident, know your stuff, can relate to them and
> communicate
> with them in terms they know/like, and know how to best not shoot
> yourself in the foot then what do you need a headhunter for... seems
> like you could use him more for confidence than anything.... and IMHO
> they never provide that....

My issue is the art of negotiation at this level - this will be a
big-buck job, and I want it (for the challenge as well as the $$), but
my concern is if there are any others competing for this position
(shouldn't be, but never say never), they may have better
"representation" than I do. I don't know things like how often to call
"to see if there are any additional questions I can answer", "Have you
made a decision yet?", etc.

> besides... if jobs are tough to get in your area as they seem to be
> here, I'd rather shoot myself in the foot and lowball myself a bit to
> get back into the job market.... I can work more confortably once 
> employed to work my way back up if I was to have lowballed myself
> (and I wouldn't lowball myself that bad anyway).

Clarification - I am employed, looking to better my situation...


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