[rescue] SOLVED - why is a blade1000 with elite3dm6 so slow?

Paolo Di Francesco paipai at tin.it
Mon Oct 27 05:27:35 CST 2003

Hi sun gurus,

some time ago I raised this question: I have a sun blade1000 1 cpu750mhz 
and an elite3dm6, and the windows are really slow when scrolling and 
when moving them around. Why?

well this is one of those low priority things (you have always something 
priority-1 to do and you never have time for those silly things...) but 
yesterday I found time to solve that. I was too annoyed of that and I 
wanted to improve it.

I surfed on google and the net, and I found an interesting tip: install 
the media libs.
Surprise! It improved a lot! ;)

It's not yet as fast as my AMD duron 700mhz, but I think this is because 
most of the thing is handled by the cpu and not by specialized hardware 
as the video card. This is also why media lib helped ;)

I am still not so happy about the speed of the windows (considering it's 
a nice piece of hardware), but I think I cannot improve much.

Anyone knows if a xvr500 is faster than the elite3dm6 in 2d operations? 
I use that box mostly for developing and not much for 3d so any hint is 
really appreciated ;)


Ciao Ciao

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