[rescue] Indy question...

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Sun Oct 26 17:38:14 CST 2003

On Sunday, October 26, 2003, at 05:30 PM, Jonathan C Patschke wrote:

> On Oct 26, 2003, at 4:56 PM, Mike Hebel wrote:
>> What I'm wondering is which is better for Irix 6.5 and BRLCAD:
>> R4400 - 175mhz
>> R4600 - 100mhz
> The R4400.  It's a stronger CPU, and it's clocked faster.  The R4600 
> is the "low cost" variant of the R4400 with a substantially weaker 
> floating-point unit.  The only thing that would make me recommend the 
> R4600 is if the R4400 is the "PC" variant; that is, if it has no 
> secondary cache.  hinv will enlighten you, and you can always swap 
> CPUs after loading the OS.  All the R4x00 CPUs use the same kernel in 
> the Indy.

Cool.  Now I just need to find those 6.5 CDs I have in a box around 
here.  I just saw them this last week too...

Hey!  An Indy will work headless!  I can set up a useless Webcam!  (0)

Mike Hebel

(0) Well, the usefulness will depend on where I point the camera I 
guess.  Hmm...I wonder if I could attach it to an old telescope?

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