[rescue] Netbsd install issues

Paul paul at techcenter3000.com
Sat Oct 25 13:22:39 CDT 2003

Well, it's been a while since I mucked about with netbsd, but if I remember
correctly, the instfs is actuall a tgz that gets mounted under root, but
uses a roo-fssize param, which sizes a ramdisk. There is a .profile or
dot.profile in the install file structure somwehere (sorry to be imprecise
here) that you can then up a param...something like miniroot-fssize...to
give a larger ramdisk for instfs. I had an issue with RISC codesize versus
CISC codesize somewhere in there too. If you've got any 64 bit variables or
structures stored on /instfs, add that to RISC sizing and you can pertty
easily end up %50 larger than a PC-onlee-Wee-Nee would have figured.

If it works out, I plan to charge you a hefty fee: Write it up and post it
somewhere where it will help others and give me some small credit. :) (Oh,
and let me know about it, please, as well as bug-reporting it)


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> After going through what appears to be a normal install from 1.6.1
> cd/iso, my ss20-dual proc-256mg-quad ether-2 gig seagate system
> complains bitterly that the instfs file system is full.
> I have goggled quite a bit and found the trick about using the custom
> option so that a kernel is installed, but no luck using different hds
> and install options. I have seen others on google that have this
> problem, but so far can't find the solution.
> Solaris 9 installs and runs fine. In Netbsd that much faster on this
> system? I plan using it to monitor different network segments for my
> students, using tcpdump, arpwatch, ethereal.
> Anybody care to recommend a book on TCP/IP? I can look at a snoop
> readout and see what is going on, but I want to go deeper, (not the
> engineer level).
> Thanks
> dave
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