[rescue] Enterprise 3500 Troubles

Michael Thompson m_thompson at ids.net
Fri Oct 24 06:56:26 CDT 2003

A few weeks ago I picked up most of an Enterprise 5500 and an Enterprise
3500. I put 4 processor/memory boards with 8 336 MHz CPUs and 4GB RAM, and
a single Sbus board in the 3500. The 3500 powered up and ran diags OK. It
didn't have any hard disks, but it did boot Solaris from the CDROM. I
bought a bunch of 9 GB FibreChannel disks and installed 8 of them in the
3500. The system booted Solaris, got to the point where it creates /dev and
/devices and powered off. Now the system appears to be dead. When you turn
on the switch on the rear power supply you can hear a bunch of relays
click. Turning the power key switch on the front has no effect. There are
no LEDs on anywhere on the system. Did the main power supply die? Anyone
have an inexpensive replacement?

Michael Thompson
E-Mail: M_Thompson at IDS.net

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