[rescue] Re: Ultra 1e price question

Rip Loomis rip at flagon.com
Fri Oct 24 01:06:23 CDT 2003

> Actually, the easiest way of knowing is to open it and look for a UPA
> slot.  Otherwise, someone could have just swapped the case lids
> somewhere along the line (which happened to me on one of the U1s I
> bought) , and I don't know of any way to tell from justthe back what it
> really is. 

Hmm.  For any system where I can either look at the back myself, or
get a decent quality picture of the back, I've never had a problem
telling a difference between an HD68 (Wide SCSI --> U1E) and an HD50
(Narrow SCSI --> U1 non-E).  Given the ease of finding U1E boxen with
Creator cards already present (and thus not requiring a separate
purchase) I also find that looking for a Creator card in the right
place helps verify that I'm not mis-reading the SCSI port. 

Of course, having said the above the next U1 I buy is guaranteed to
be a sheep in wolf's clothing... 

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