[rescue] solaris x86 9 and compaq proliant dl 320

Francois Dion fdion at atriumwindows.com
Thu Oct 23 09:25:28 CDT 2003

This is about an almost ancient machine, so I figure I'd ask here...

I'm trying to get a proliant dl 320 out of the mothballs and actually be 
useful by installing Solaris 9 x86. The box is listed on the HCL as 
level 1 compliant for Solaris 8 x86. Yes, I could run Solaris 8 but I 
want to use this to stage to a machine running Solaris 9, a DL 360 (dual 
cpu, dual hot swap SCSI vs the single cpu, dual ide drives on the dl 320).

Anytime I go with IDE and Solaris x86 I get into some issues. In this 
case, once I reboot I get a read error (<bootdev>: disk read error, 
sector 3654). I changed the HDs in case but no go. This box runs Mitel 
linux and freebsd ok. It also can run windows nt. It has a Compaq Ultra 
100 IDE controller. I did setup in the bios the OS setting to Solaris.

Any suggestions?


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