[rescue] Sun Fire 280R - dual 750mhz

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Thu Oct 23 07:31:05 CDT 2003

McWhirter,Julia wrote:
> We are trying to sell some of these machines spec. below does anyone
> have any idea what I might get for them.
> Dual 750mhz CPU
> 4GB SUN Memory
> 2x 36GB internal disks
> Floppy drive
> DVD-ROM drive
> SUN rack mount kits

This is IMHO a tough call. If you buy a new one from Sun, it would be about
$12 +-$1k. However, if you convince them that the machine will be used
only for development work for one year, you can get it for half price. 

They include a warranty, which AFIK is service 9-5, 5 days a week.
(M-F in most of the world, S-Thu here). One way they make back money
on the development machines is to sell you a 24/7 (or here 24/6) service

Development work is not well defined, for example you legally can't
run backups on it, but you could use it as a database server for Java
development. It depends upon how hungry the salesperson is and how flexible
you are with ethics. 


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