[rescue] Closet cleaning 4

James Birdsall jwbirdsa at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 23 00:36:09 CDT 2003

More stuff for sale!

If I don't receive the money by next Wednesday (and no arrangements have
been made), then this stuff will go the next in line or be relisted. I'm
sorry to have to be a hardass, but I need this money to pay bills.

--James B.

Compaq 8-port PS/2 KVM with four cable sets, working pull. It doesn't
support wheels on PS/2 mice (it just ignores wheel events) and won't deal
with USB-based mice at all, but given a real PS/2 mouse it's a very nice
unit. Does 1280 x 1024 with no problems; might go higher but the monitor
attached to it doesn't, so I can't tell. I'd be keeping it except that I
have another one just like it and with my diminishing collection I really
don't need two big KVMs. $75 OBO

5 @ DEC DEFPA PCI CDDI SAS, some are working pulls and others are unknown.
One is a 3Com 3C797 which is just a rebadged DEFPA, worked with the standard
DEC drivers. $10 each.

DEC DEFEA EISA CDDI SAS, in original box, not tested. $5

DEC DEFEA EISA CDDI DAS, in original box, not tested. $5

Lexicon CORE high-end PCI audio card, 4 analog in/8 analog out balanced
1/4", plus S/PDIF in and out. Card, docs, software, breakout box, cable.
Only works under Windows 98 as far as I can tell. $10

Pinnacle DVD1000 PCI MPEG-2 capture and editing card. A very sweet unit,
comes in original box with manuals, software (including Premiere 6.0),
breakout box, etc. Unfortunately it has a somewhat restricted motherboard
compatibility list; please check it on Pinnacle's website before you buy.

Cisco WS-1400 FDDI concentrator, with 8-port MIC card and 16-port CDDI card.
Former FEMA property. :) Believed to work but I haven't had time to test it,
and I don't have anything set up to test the CDDI with anyway (with fewer
machines, I have enough fiber cards to go around now). $25.

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