[rescue] WTS/WTT Octane and Ultra 2

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Wed Oct 22 04:45:11 CDT 2003

Hi ya'll, I just got a new powerbook so I am selling my trusty SGI and
Ultra2 desktops:

System  #1 -> SGI Octane with:

2xR10K 200Mhz
MXI graphics
1x4GB + 1x18GB internal disks
granite keyboard and mouse
(Free granite 20inch monitor if picked up)

What is cool about this machine is the software it comes with (of course
for evaluation purposes ;-)):

Irix 6.5.20
All development options, C, C++, Fortran, ADA, and the workshop, and
autoparallelization tools. All with licenses!
Maya 4.5
Softimage|3D 3.9 Extreme
Autostudio/Poweranimator 9
And a bunch of other stuff....

$850.00 OBO plus shipping for it, which I think it is a cool deal considering
the software it comes with.

System #2 -> Sun Ultra 2 with:

2xUltraSparc II/300
1GB RAM (1 64meg dimm is a bit flaky though)
1x9GB 10K internal SCSI disk
(Free Sun monitor if picked up)

Comes with Solaris 9...

$350.00 OBO for this machine...

If anyone is interested let me know, I may be interested in trading the
lot for interesting HW (G4 and stuff like that)... but I rather take the
cash :).

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