[rescue] Re: Mixing USII Modules

Derek Warren lists at derek.trideja.com
Wed Oct 22 04:33:25 CDT 2003

[this is an old thread, but...]

Lionel wrote:
>The Ultra 2 requires matched CPUs (matched means
>same speed/cache size or, put another way,
>similar part numbers). They can take a wide
>range of CPUs, from 167 MHz w/512K cache to 300
>MHz w/2 Meg cache [...]

Indeed! And if your motherboard is part no.
501-3132 (` la
http://derek.trideja.com/gal/u2/aae), then you
can stick 2x400MHz modules in there from what I

>CPUs run $15/25 ea for 167 MHz units to $75/125 ea for 300 MHz CPUs.

This is the reason I was inspired to reply..
someone on eBay has rescued 11 300MHz USII
modules and is selling them in a dutch auction
for $60 each.  I hope there's at least one other
person out here who's interested lest this turn
out to be another passing worthless eBay pitch...

For $60, even with me being on the ackwards side
of the border, it's worth the (potential)
hassle... http://smlnk.com/sJGj

>The Ultra 2 is not a "common" as the SS/20 - it
>was a top of the line desktop machine that was
>used frequently as a low-end server. They are
>nice, affordable and make great desktop
>machines, esp. when they have dual CPUs and a
>nice Creator framebuffer.

My new U2/300 with a medium-speed SCSI disk
compiled Postfix four seconds faster than my
U5/333 with a fast IDE disk... did I mention how
nice it is that I don't have to put up with the
U5's crummy onboard disk controller now? :) I
didn't realize it was holding things back that

>I once paid as much as $2K for an Ultra 2, and I
>later paid as little as $20 for an Ultra 2 base
>(no CPU/RAM, but w/small HD on bracket) - of
>course, there were years in between those
>purchases ;^) At the time, each was a great

Heh! Well, there are still some people reselling
U2s for >$1400 but mine was considerably less.
Not quite $20, though, but I'm happy. :D


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