[rescue] Who is best equipped to define excessive comuting power?

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 21:38:15 CDT 2003

--- Al Potter <apotter at spankingnuns.com> wrote:
> mcguire at neurotica.com said:
> >> I see.  I've been using separate machines for everything.  My
> squid 
> >> box is
> >> an Alphaserver 4000.
> >
> >    Isn't that a little excessive for two or three users?  ;)
> >>-Boggle-<<
> >From the guy who had a running Cray in his living room, and on the
> net as a WEBSERVER ?!?

First off, notice the wink at the end of Dave's comment...

Second, I don't think he ran a web server (meaning serving up HTML
pages to browsers) on a CRAY, but I will certainly defer to Dave to set
the record straight on this point...

Third, if ANYONE can spot excessive computing power applications, I
defer to Dave.

Just picking nits, no biggie...


"I am not into examining other peoples' dumps..." - Sheldon T. Hall

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