[rescue] Interesting bit on Multics

Paul paul at techcenter3000.com
Tue Oct 21 16:49:19 CDT 2003

Well, no, first we had to wait for gall stones to pass (very high
iron/calcium content in the water), then we had to trek from north pole to
south (to get the proper alignment) while holding the stones in a very
precise position. THEN, we had magnets! (We were, after all, short legged)

Of course, once we were done, then we donated the used stones for recycling
at the blacksmith. Thus, after many moons was made....ExGALLibur!

/me runs, ducking in shame.

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> On 10/21/03 4:30 PM, "Paul" <paul at techcenter3000.com> wrote:
> > echo 'something' > $filename
> >
> > The ONLY way to go. (hort of using small magnets to edit inodes by hand,
> > course)
> >
> >
> "Magnets? You had magnets?! We _dreamed_ about having magnets! We had to
> our legs together to create static electricity and hope we zapped the
> bit at the right time!"
> -with apologies to Monty Python
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